Becoming a Member

Parents understandably have questions about how much time being part of the P&C committee can consume.
For most, it's a simple commitment of 1-2 hours a month to attend the meetings.  Apart from the monthly meetings (which occur only during school terms) committee members may also become involved in the organisation of fundraising events. This time commitment is minimal and again, you can choose to participate only as much as your schedule allows.

To continue our work, the P&C needs people with a range of experiences and talents who are committed to delivering great outcomes for our children and school.  The more people involved the more we will be able to achieve.

Membership is $1 for each calendar year of membership. If you would like to join the P&C, please complete the online membership form and pay your $1 membership fee to the school office or come along to one of the meetings. Joining the P&C entitles you to vote at the meetings.