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P&C Monthly Meetings

When are P&C Meetings held?
The P&C meets on one Wednesday each month during term from 7:15 - 8:45pm. 

>> View The Schedule of Upcoming Meetings below

Where are the Meetings held?
Generally in the in the Staff Room unless otherwise advised.


Who can attend?
Any parent or citizen can attend the meeting, but only members have voting rights. >> More info on membership


Why Should I attend?

  1. To be in the know!
    You have the opportunity to hear about what is happening at the school, Caroline English (our school Principal) and one of the Assistant Principals is usually in attendance at the meetings and it's a wonderful opportunity to get insightful information about her plans and vision for the school, as well as to ask her questions.


  2. To be engaged in the SIPPS community
    Attending the meetings is a great way to engage with others and to foster a close and caring school community of parents, children and teachers.   The meetings promote communication, understanding and co-operation between teachers and parents.


  3. To advocate for your child
    We are always keen to hear about any issues affecting your children as well as ideas for improving the school environment, activities for the school, and new fund-raising ideas or events that you may have in mind.  
    NOTE:  The P&C Meetings are not a forum to discuss specific issues you may have with your child's learning.  If you have concerns about this, the correct line of communication is to speak to your child's teacher first.  If the issue cannot be resolved, then you should make an appointment with the Stage Supervisor / Assistant Principal.  An appointment can be booked with them by contacting Rhonda Fazzolari (School Administrative Manager) on 9144 4085, or via email.


How are the meetings run?

  • Meetings run for approximately 90 minutes.  An agenda is posted in the week beforehand.  Attendees should read the agenda and reports before the meeting. The meetings are used to comment on  the reports, vote on decisions and to develop strategies and a "To Do" list which will be reviewed in the next meeting. Minutes are circulated after the meeting.   

President's Reports

15 Feb 2023           15 Mar 2023          17 May 2023        14 Jun 2023           9 Aug 2023        6 Sep 2023      18 Oct 2023         15 Nov 2023 

Previous Meeting Minutes 
Previous Meeting Minutes
15 Feb 2023           15
 Mar 2023          17 May 2023        14 Jun 2023           9 Aug 2023        6 Sep 2023         18 Oct 2023        15 Nov 2023

16 Nov 2022           19 Oct 2022           7 Sep 2022          10 Aug 2022          15 June 2022          18 May 2022        16 Mar 2022          16 Feb 2022         

17 Nov 2021           13 Oct 2021           25 Aug 2021          21 July 2021          9 June 2021          28 April 2021        17 Mar 2021          17 Feb 2021         

18 Nov 2020       21 Oct 2020

Schedule of 2024 meetings: 

Wed 14 February

Wed 13 March

Wed 15 May

Wed 12 June

Wed 7 Aug

Wed 4 Sep

Wed 16 Oct

Wed 13 Nov (AGM)

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